Pet Accessory Kits

Pet Accessory Kits for Vacuum Cleaners


For homes with pets, removing the pet hair from your floors and furniture can be a never-ending process. To make the job easier, Godfreys stock not only a range of pet hair vacuum cleaners, but also pet accessory kits that can be used to turn any vacuum cleaner into a pet-hair removing machine in no time at all. These pet hair accessory kits often include turbo brushes that can remove stubborn pet hair from not only your floors but also your upholstery as well, and some also include turbo floor heads that can used to clean the entire floor. These turbo-powered attachments allow for an extra powerful clean, and are designed to not clog up with pet hair. They can be used on homes with either cats or dogs (or both!), and easily attach onto standard vacuum cleaner rods using the adaptors provided. If you want to see these pet accessories in action, then swing by your local Godfreys store and ask the experts for a demonstration. If you wish to shop online with Godfreys, then we offer a free delivery service on all pet accessory kit orders over $99.