Wet & Dry

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are great because they allow you to clean up both dry dust and also liquid spills when required. See the full range of wet & dry vacuums available at Godfreys below, and enjoy free shipping on all orders over the value of $99!

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners at Godfreys


Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for those situations where you need to clean up liquid spills. These specialised wet and dry vacuums are very popular in commercial or industrial situations, and they are also used in many homes around New Zealand. If you are looking for a wet dry vacuum, then Godfreys has a great range to choose from including commercial wet and dry vacuums, domestic wet and dry vacuums, handlheld wet and dry vacuums, industrial wet and dry vacuums and many more. You are bound to find a wet and dry vacuum to suit your needs, as Godfreys has a full selection at great prices. We have wet and dry vacuums from great brands like Pullman, Numatic, Hoover and lots more.


Wet and dry vacuums are multipurpose machines, and most have different settings and bags for different cleaning situations, for example the unit will have a seperate bag for vacuuming up liquid. It is important you do not use any old vacuum cleaner to clean up wet spills, as vacuuming up water will damage most standard vacuum cleaners and be very hazardous to your health. If you are looking for professional advice on wet and dry vacuums, then please visit your local Godfreys store or contact our friendly Customer Service team using the website links below. If you decided to purchase online, then Godfreys offer free delivery anywhere in New Zealand with all wet and dry vacuum purchases over the value of $99.