Clean living room with Hoover React Handstick

There are vacuum cleaners, and then there are vacuum cleaners; the models that have been carefully crafted with intent to provide the user with everything needed to leave their home with a flawless finish after every clean.

The Hoover React Handstick is an absolute dream for every householder. With its smart design and cutting-edge technology, there are so many reasons to fall head over heels for the Hoover React.

1. Convenience with Every Use

Convenience with Hoover React Handstick

The top feature any person wants from their vacuum cleaner is convenience. After all, cleaning is a tiresome chore for most, so anything that gets the job done quicker and easier is a good thing. The Hoover React Handstick has convenience intertwined in its lightweight design. The extra-large dustbin means you have more time to vacuum until the canister is full. And it’s easy to empty at just the touch of the button – no fiddling around necessary.

The high-intensity LED headlights illuminate those hard-to-reach spots (like under the bed), making it even easier to thoroughly clean. For your convenience, the Hoover React Handstick dashboard located on the handle displays the cleaning mode, power level indicator and system maintenance reminders.

2. Everything You Need for Whole Home Cleaning

Hoover React Handstick with attachments

A handstick model has the bonus of better manoeuvrability to make cleaning feel like less of a chore. With the inclusion of specialised cleaning accessories, the Hoover React Handstick allows for a top-to-bottom clean of the home and eliminates the need for unnecessary cleaning products.

Included with the Hoover React is:

  • A crevice tool to reach tight spots
  • A dusting brush for delicate tasks such as whisking bookcases
  • An upholstery tool to clean furniture
  • A pivoting extensions tool to reach up-high places
  • A storage clip for keeping accessories on-hand.

The Hoover React Handstick also detaches into a handheld device, perfect for spot-cleaning.

3. Intelligent Cleaning Technology

Hoover React Handstick has advanced cleaning technology

The Hoover React Handstick is powered by advanced technologies to deliver the ultimate clean with every use. The inclusion of these innovative features makes the handstick even more desirable to have in the home due to its ability to streamline vacuuming for a faster yet thorough finish.

Suitable for carpet, hard floors and tiles, the FloorsenseTM Technology detects floor-type changes and switches the brush roll to optimise cleaning performance. The powerful powerhead is equipped with WindTunnel SurgeTM to effectively capture dust, debris and pet hair in the tunnel-like passageway. You can also switch your handstick to continuous vacuum mode and back using the Soft Touch Trigger.

4. Powered by Lithium

Hoover React is powered by lithium

High-powered cleaning with a runtime of 23 minutes is ideal for apartments, townhouses and small homes. It’s great for those in-between cleans as well. Fully recharged in 3 hours, you’ll always be ready for your next clean.

The removable Lithium Ion battery features fade-free power to maintain a high-level cleaning performance throughout the runtime. Lithium offers much higher power density with no maintenance required to uphold its performance.

Need another battery for your Hoover React to increase runtime? Purchase the compatible ONE PWR battery here.

If the Hoover React Handstick is what’s missing from your home, you can purchase it online with free shipping available on all orders over $99 Australia-wide. Want to see the Hoover React in action? Head to your local store for a demonstration.