Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Floor Cleaner - 1L Twin

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The Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Hard Floor Cleaner breaks down spills, stains and odours into their basic elements for a safe and effective clean. Its biodegradable, multi-function enzyme formula destroys grease, oil and food waste rather than just moving mess around. Enzyme action eliminates the need to scrub floors and continues working even after you put the mop away, easily lifting stubborn stains from floors and tile grout. By breaking down grease stains, this cleaner reduces the risk of slipping on slick floors to create a safer home or workplace.

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  • Multi-function enzymes break down organic matter rather than moving mess around
  • Mop & Go formula eliminates the need to scrub or rinse floors
  • Continues working after mopping to lift stubborn stains from floors and grout
  • Eliminates odours at the source
  • Enzymes are effective even at low water temperatures
  • Can be safely disposed of down drains, where it will continue to break down organic matter
  • Biodegradable
  • pH neutral
  • Non-corrosive
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces not damaged by water
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Brand Enzyme Wizard