Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner

Did you know that a steam cleaner can help keep your home, clothes and vehicles clean and in tip-top shape? At Godfreys, we have a selection of floor steamers, clothes steamers and hand steam cleaners, all at very reasonable prices. But the question that needs to be answered is, do steam cleaners really work?

Do steam cleaners really work?

If you haven’t used a steam cleaner before, you might wonder whether they actually work or if it’s all just hype. The answer depends on your expectations. That’s because, rather than removing dirt like a carpet shampooer, these cleaners use water and heat (making steam) to loosen dirt and disinfect your floors, clothes and upholstery.

Steam is known to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, so these products are ideal for keeping your home healthy and clean. A floor steamer keeps your hard surfaces hygienically clean while a handheld steamer cleans your windows and glass shower screens, as well as the interior of your vehicles, curtains, microwave, oven, stove, BBQ, fridge and much more. Clothes steamers can be used to quickly remove stubborn creases and loosen dirt on your clothes.

How to use a handheld steam cleaner

If you want to know how to use a handheld steamer cleaner, it’s actually very easy. All you need to do is to fill the tank of your hand steam cleaner with clean water up to the mark, make sure the tank is sealed and placed it back into position. Don’t overfill the steamer and always keep body parts away from the steam nozzle.

Connect to the mains power and wait for steam to appear, then press the trigger button and glide the steam over the item that needs cleaning using a back and forth motion. If it’s glass, you can wipe the remnants of the steam and any dislodged dirt away with a clean cloth. Steam is a more environmentally friendly way to clean than using chemicals in your home.

Best floor steam cleaner

  • Sauber Steam & Vacuum SV-100 Multi Surface Cleaner: This model comes with a 1700W motor, 0.5L capacity and HEPA filter. It also has a cyclonic bagless system, a steam blaster, adjustable steam settings and dual brush suction. You can even vacuum and steam at the same time. It can be used on carpets, hard floors, rugs and tiles.
  • Wertheim Pro Multi Steamer W7800: This model comes with a powerful 2400W motor, a 2L capacity and variable steam control. It has a detachable scrubbing head that removes even the most stubborn stains and rubber wheels so your floors aren’t scratched. A great feature is that you can refill the water tank on the go, so you don’t need to switch the cleaner off if you run out of steam. It can be used on hard floors and tiles.

Best clothes steamer

  • Wertheim Pro Garment Steamer: This clothes steamer has a 1750W motor and a 3.2L capacity. It’s ready to steam clean your clothes in just 60 seconds and delivers up to 90 minutes of steam cleaning. It comes with adjustable steam settings for thick or thin fabrics, an integrated hanger and a detachable brush for delicate clothes. It’s a great alternative to ironing.

Best hand steam cleaner

  • Hoover Heritage Hand Steamer: This lightweight and easily portable hand steam cleaner comes with a 1200W motor and 0.32L capacity. With a rapid heat up time and adjustable dial, you can blast away dirt or debris quickly and easily. It even has a dual tank system for water and detergent (which is optional) and comes with a host of accessories that make cleaning a breeze.

If you need any help deciding which steam cleaner is best for your needs, why not chat to one of our experts online or in-store today?

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Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner

Did you know that a steam cleaner can help keep your home, clothes and vehicles c