Ducted Vacuum Cleaners


Ducted vacuums are an effective way to clean the whole house using a central vacuum system rather than a portable vacuum cleaner. View the ducted vacuums available at Godfreys below!

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Ducted Vacuum Cleaners


Godfreys stock several ducted vacuum units at great prices. If you are looking for a ducted vacuum cleaner for your home, then be sure to have a look at Godfreys great range and prices first. Ducted vacuum cleaners are great for a number of reasons - not only do they generally make vacuuming quieter because the main motorised unit is away from living areas, but they also have much larger dust capacities than traditional vacuum cleaners which means you can clean for longer each time. Godfreys stock several brands, including Hoover ducted vacuums and Silent Master ducted vacuum cleaners. These ducted vacuum cleaners also come with extra-long vacuum hoses so that you can vacuum large areas of your house without changing connection point. Godfreys also stock a large range of ducted vacuum accessories and ducted vacuum parts, so you will always have support for maintaining your ducted vacuum system. If you would like some expert advice on ducted vacuum cleaners and which model would be best for your home, then pop into your local Godfreys store where the experts will be able to help you out. If you wish to purchase a ducted vacuum unit online, then Godfreys offer free shipping on all orders over $99 to anywhere in New Zealand.