Bagless Vacuums

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Many people prefer a bagless vacuum cleaner to a bagged vacuum cleaner simply because they’re easier to empty. There are other reasons for their popularity, however, including their affordability and how easy it is to know when they need emptying.

A bagless vacuum is also a more environmentally friendly option because you don’t have to throw bags into the rubbish every time you empty it. This also makes it better for your wallet because you don’t have to continuously buy replacement bags. If you’ve decided a bagless cleaner is best for your needs, let’s look at how they work and at the best bagless vacuum cleaners in NZ.

How do bagless vacuum cleaners work?

Many people wonder how bagless vacuum cleaners work. The simplest explanation is that they operate just like bagged vacuums, but instead of using a bag to collect all the dust and debris, it’s contained within a transparent plastic canister. Some bagless models use a cyclonic system that spins the dust particles around then sucks all the air and dust down into a chamber. This debris collects at the bottom of the chamber and prevents it from blocking the filters.

Best bagless vacuum cleaner NZ

If you’re looking for the best bagless vacuum cleaner in NZ, Godfreys has exactly what you need. We’ve organised these vacuums by category so you can select the one that’s right for your needs.

Best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Hoover Dog & Cat Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: The Hoover Dog & Cat Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has been specifically designed to remove embedded pet hair from carpets and upholstery. It has a powerful 1800-watt motor, as well as an air-driven turbo head that lifts carpet fibres to remove stubborn pet hair and a HEPA filter to remove airborne particles. It comes with a premium Hoover accessories pack to tackle hard-to-reach places and an intelligent blockage indicator for seamless maintenance.

Best eco-friendly bagless cleaner

Electrolux Pure C9 Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner: Made from 60% recycled plastic, this is one of the more environmentally friendly bagless vacuum cleaners. It features a FlowMotion nozzle for smooth and effortless manoeuvrability around furniture, as well as a HEPA filter and a sealed filtration system that provides consistent suction power. It also comes with a turbo floor head for superior removal of dust and debris from carpets.

Best bagless vacuum for allergies

Hoover Allergy Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: With a 1600-watt motor, carbon and HEPA filters and an exceptional filtration system, this vacuum is ideal for people suffering from allergies or asthma. It features a self-propelling power head that easily removes embedded dirt and dust from carpets and advanced multi-cyclonic technology that ensures the suction power remains consistent. It also comes with a handheld turbo tool that makes it very easy to remove pet hair from your upholstery.

Best all-round bagless cleaner 

Hoover Tornado Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: This affordable vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1800-watt motor for deep cleaning and superior suction on both carpets and hard floors. Multi-chamber bagless technology offers maximum cleaning efficiency and variable suction control accommodates different floor surfaces. It a