When it comes to a brilliant clean on hard floors, Tineco is a brand that knows best. Wet dry vacuums are perfect for cleaning up the mess while also giving the surface a once-over that would usually take two separate machines or the old mop and bucket method. It’s this convenience that makes the range of Tineco hard floor cleaners so popular. Self-cleaning at the touch of a button, Tineco’s range of hard floor cleaners is easily maintained and very user-friendly. Each of their hard floor cleaners features an LED display that provides real-time updates on battery, suction levels and more. You’ll be able to clean for even longer without interruptions thanks to larger tank capacities, better battery life and multistage self-cleaning systems. Investing in a Tineco hard floor cleaner that vacuums and washes simultaneously make cleaning your home more efficient, giving you more time for the things you love doing.